Eco-friendly and natural plastics alternative

Bio-composites for the plastic industry

Raw material composites for green plastic products
Today the global plastic industry produces 320 million metric tons of plastic every year. Since 1950, more than 8 billion metric tons of polluting plastic were produced.

The trouble is that most of this plastic ends up being thrown away after just one use, and only 9% of those 8 billion tons have been recycled, while another 12% incinerated. That means over 6 billion metric tons of plastic are still in our environment.

We create a composite that meets environmental goals and demand from end-users for more sustainable solutions, as well as helping our partners meet regulatory requirements and their recycling targets.

Following extensive research we were able to identify formulas which can be used to manufacture plastics combining kenaf plant elements with thermoplastic polymers common in the plastics industry, substitute for common products made of ABS, PP ,PE ,HDPE, PVC.

Composites containing Kenaf reduce the amount of plastic in the product while upgrading product features.
Off-the-shelf polymer​
For experimental purposes we offer blends containing a minimum of 30% bio material. Our professional team will work with you on the modifications to suit your exact requirements.
Custom polymer
We will work with you on solving production challenges of developing green products that have the potential to create new market opportunities and disrupt the existing one.
Key advantages
Less plastic, more nature
We offer products that contain large bio-based content to reduce to minimum the use of non-renewable, oil-based resources.
Not only green, but better
All of our products are designed to be environmentally friendly with special emphasis on enhancing properties and performance​.
Steady supply of feedstocks​
Our products use a range of natural feedstocks and therefore we control the entire value chain for a steady supply to meet market demands.
Innovation without a headache
The adoption of new material is a complex process. We focused on development of new materials which do not require modifications to existing equipment.
Become Greener!
As part of our vision to become the most innovative company in its domain, we are looking for commercial companies and entrepreneurs that are in search for superior green raw materials for their products.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you become greener, please contact us.
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