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Bio-Mixtures for the construction industry
Raw material composites for green building products
The building industry is struggling with finding thermal insulation solutions, mainly for the building shell. Creating high insulating masonry block are essential for the thermal performance of the building.

In addition, the building infrastructure creating thermal bridges which are extremely problematic and harm the entire thermal performance of the building, thus a thermal insulation that can be applied on the other face of the building is also essential.

Furthermore, the building industry is considered as one of the contaminating and eco-harming industries. One side of this non eco-friendly property deals with the raw materials that composes the concrete mixtures; although the aggregates and sand are of natural source, the utilization of them cause an ecological harm that transforms the nature landscapes and the habitats.
The Kenaf is probably the most economic plant to grow and thus to use as filler for building mixtures. Its superior thermal properties makes it the most suitable candidate for concrete elements with high thermal resistivity. Hence, a research was done to utilize its properties for thermal resistant plaster and insulative masonry block. This approach takes green eco material and use it to produce green energy saving products, hence the final products are truly eco effective and sustainable.
With the support of the Israel Innovation Authority and the Israeli Ceramic and Silicate Institute (ICSI), we have succeded in developing disruptive bio-blends for the construction industry that contain ~80% (!) natural fibers.

Our bio-mixtures formulas are optimized to ensure top performance by being extremely light weight, having unique low thermal conductivity, strength and acoustical properties that exceed current solutions and offer a competitive price range.

Our current formulas unfold to three major applications:
Thermal insulating plaster
(external and Internal use)
Thermal insulating masonry block & walls
Acoustics masonry block, walls & partitions
Client demands and enviornmental regulations are the top triggers for building green.
Over the past decade benefits of green building such as energy saving, water savings and reduced environmental impacts have been well documented and quantified. Recently, health and well-being have emerged as key consideration in new constructions projects.
Our clients and partner:
Manufacturers and Distributors
Real Estate Developers
Construction Companies
Become Greener!
As part of our vision to become the most innovative company in its domain, we are looking for commercial companies and entrepreneurs that are in search for superior green raw materials for their products.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you become greener, please contact us.
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