We believe in creating a sustainable and healthy environment for our future generations

We are developing and producing sustainable raw materials based on natural organic resources, while maintaining the highest environmental standards and without reducing the quality of the end product.
Kenaf Ventures is an Israeli based, CleanTech company focused on developing and commercializing technologies addressing solutions that improve the conventional construction, thermal and acoustic insulation and the plastics' material industries, by leveraging unique know-how and the qualities of natural organic resources such as Kenaf and Hemp.
What we do?
We’re developing ecological products that are environmentally friendly that significantly reduce carbon footprint, the use of plastics, energy and other pollutants.
Bio-plastic compounds & composites
Bio-blends for the construction industry
A breakthrough in the field of green construction products
With the support of the Israel Innovation Authority and the Israeli Ceramic and Silicate Institute (ICSI), we have succeded in developing disruptive Bio-Mixtures for the construction industry that contain ~80% (!) natural fibers.
Eco-friendly and natural alternative for plastic.
Following our research we were able to identify formulas which can be used to manufacture plastics combining natural elements (e.g. Kenaf) with thermoplastic polymers common in the plastics industry, substitute for common products made of ABS, PP ,PE ,HDPE, PVC.
Composites containing Kenaf reduce the amount of plastic in the product, upgrading product features while being price competitive.
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